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Stand out in the crowd, In today's market it's not only important to keep up with your competition, you need to offer something different. Whether it be simply offering a high level of service or providing a totally new offering to your clients, the difference becomes the focus.

June 2005


Virtual Claims Adjuster,

After experiencing a great deal of growth since it's introduction to the market VCA now offers more to it's clients than it ever has. VCA's promises to grow with the industries needs is unprecedented in today's market.

November 2004


Virtual Claims Adjuster,

Virtual Claims Adjuster is taking North America by storm. This web application promises to help claims offices offer a new level of service to their clients. Users have been impressed with it's ability to scale up in times of need and are amazed at the increased efficiency of their office after implementing VCA.

January 2004


RecruitMan Strikes Again,

RecruitMan is fitted with additional features this month to allow faster more accurate searches than ever before. If you are still struggling without a business system call us today and ask us how RecruitMan can help you.
RecruitMan - Recuit Managment Software

Virtual Claims Adjuster - Claims management Software

Virtual Claims Adjuster is a dynamic web application which has been designed to streamline today's insurance claims offices. The design of this claims management system started 5 years ago, we have completed several prototype applications for testing and industry review. Unlike many other development firms, these prototypes were not simply sold to clients as the end product. More research was completed and technology evolved to bring us to where we are today.

We are now not only proud to announce Virtual Claims Adjuster's completion, but it's raving success across North America and parts of Europe and Asia. VCA offers companies the tools to become more efficient, productive and marketable; while allowing the company administrators the ability to keep an eye on the companies direction and growth.

Just Imagine:

Simple and accurate claim file setup
Immediate access to all claim related data (no more hunting for numbers)
Remote secure application access from anywhere via the internet
Automated file task reminders
Integrated time logging and historical file notes
Seamless Microsoft Office integration
Various Contact Relationship Management (CRM) Elements
Integrated file reporting and report approval features
Company level trend analysis reports
Efficiency and productivity reporting features

All these features are in addition to a customizable secure insurer portal providing your clients with 24/7 access to their file information. There will no longer be a reason for communication breakdown on files and your team will be more efficient and accurate than ever before.

For More Information, Contact, call (416) 855-9317 or click here to request a guided tour of the software to see how it can help your firm.
You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Let us introduce you to Virtual Claims Adjuster, it's an adjusters best friend.

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